About the food library

When did you develop love for food?
I have loved food for as far back as I can remember. All my fondest childhood memories are in someway connected to either preparing or enjoying it.

How did you develop love for food?
I think it was through learning to cook. When I was a child, my mother used to wake us up early on Sunday mornings to help out in the kitchen. Didn’t matter if you were too short to reach the kitchen counter, climb on a stool. And although I’m sure I would have preferred to stay in bed or watch cartoons, I extremely enjoyed everything about being in that kitchen.

What did you do to professionalize your passion?
In 2013 after completing a bachelors in International Business from Makerere Business School, I enrolled in a South African Culinary school called Capsicum Culinary Studio for a 2year combination programme in Pastry and Food Preparation.
What is the name of your company and what inspired the name?
The Food Library I could go into a Library and travel back in time by reading a book on Uganda’s cultural history, or i could travel to France by picking up a fictional tale based in Paris, and all those could inspire and satisfy me. There’s a whole world inside a Library. I wanted the same thing for my business but through Food.

How do you do your food business? What is your business model?
The Food Library is a one woman shop, with an online address. I communicate with the clients on Social media and by phone, take the orders, make the products & deliver them. To always deliver something that will be appreciated, by one person or the other and to do so creatively.

What inspired you to turn your passion into business?

I love what I do. The Food Library is a representation of my work as a Food and Pastry chef, and I wanted to share that with people.

What kind of food or culinary options do you deliver?
I work as a Private Chef. I can bring the fine dining experience of a restaurant to the comfort of your home or location of your choice, full with waiter service, tableware and cutlery. I’ll even do the dishes & clean up after words On the sweet side, I make cakes, cream sponge cakes to be exact. Along with other pastries such as brownies, cupcakes, éclairs, doughnuts, which are available only on order.

On what principles and ethics do you anchor your business?
Deliver the service as you would like it to be delivered to you. Which is in the best possible way.

What lessons have you learnt about running business so far?
Take your time, you are your only competition. Do everything with heart. Big or small. My business is born out of passion, so I have to create for myself first before the consumer. If I’m not happy with what I am creating neither can my customer.



I have no idea when I ever became so passionate about food and creating it but i have always without a doubt LOVED food. I get excited when I think about what I want to eat, what i should eat, what I think I want to eat, what I want to put into what I want to eat. I get excited about eating food but more so about making it.

I remember being forced into the kitchen by my mother at a very young age to help out and observe what she was doing. I don’t particularly remember “enjoying” it very much though, im pretty sure I would have preferred to be sitted in front of television watching -The magic school bus- with my face 2 inches away from the screen, but alas “Do as mother says, or else…” and for that, I am forever extremely grateful.

My first memory of actually enjoying being in the kitchen behind the stove was being able to make my own omelette. Yeah, I know, I know, doesn’t seem like much…but at the age of 9, in a house with 6 siblings, being able to march into that kitchen & whip up an omelette whenever I wanted? It felt like I was my own food boss! (Only while mum was at work ) Its no suprise that eggs quickly became a favorite ingredient of mine. I used this new found “talent” of mine as a trade every chance I got. Asking my sisters to trade chores, to take my turn in laying my parents bed, always finishing with “I’l make you an egg” after every favour asked. It didn’t always work, but when it did? I walked away feeling proud of what I could accomplish with my little kitchen skill, always more eager and excited for the next thing I’d be able to make. 

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Sweet potato Crisps & Fries

How its made?

Use a peeler to get nice thin peels or cut the sweet potato into nice thick fries and deepfry until golden brown.
[They will start to float to the top when ready.]
Season with salt and crushed black pepper.

Add abit of chilli if you’re a fan of heat & enjoy this delicious home made snack. 🤗
This photo is from a loooong while back, shot for a photo series titled UGANDA ISSA SNACK by @anillathehuman